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Andre is a 17-year licensed, top-producing realtor that had to learn how to earn his success after tough past experiences. The first few years of his real estate career were met with much failure and opposition. Shortly after going full-time, Andre was evicted from his apartment and found himself homeless for 3 years and living with friends and family trying to "figure it out" in this industry.


Determined to do just that, Andre's resilience finally paid off. After sleeping in his car for 3 months and selling homes when he had no home, Andre began to gain some consistency and momentum. For the next few years, he took the initiative to host his own home buying seminars, speak on platforms, and spread the knowledge of the importance of homeownership. As his last name suggests, his efforts were noticed and he was awarded to be featured in 3 TV news clips, and multiple magazines.


His knowledge, passion, and production earned him multiple real estate awards and what he's most proud of, a book of business that comes primarily on referrals. Andre went from chasing business to business chasing him. Although Andre has been licensed since 2004, he's just getting started. Andre is constantly pursuing to live his own life's philosophy, to lead with love and live to give. He believes God gets the glory for his story and there's no TESTimony without a "test".

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